This page is for the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor.

A preview of the story:
"Though legally blind, Paul Fisher can see what others cannot. He can see that his parents' constant praise of his brother, Erik, the football star, is to cover up something that is terribly wrong. But no one listens to Paul--until his family moves to Tangerine. In this Florida town, weird is normal: Lightning strikes at the same time every day, a sinkhole swallows a local school, and Paul the geek finds himself adopted into the toughest group around: the soccer team at his middle school. Maybe this new start in Tangerine will help Paul finally see the truth about his past--and will give him the courage to face up to his terrifying older brother." -From Google Books

Tangerine Conflict Types Drawings (in class October 2):

Tangerine Vocabulary for Part 1:

Tangerine Prereading Questions and Word Splash:

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